VBurst 10 ft Flat BACKLIT

Fabric Pop-up Displays (OP), 10' x 10' Displays, Lead Time — 10 Days or Less


  • VBurst 10 ft. Kit Flat BACKLIT 10 ft. x 10 ft. Space
  • HD Dye Sub Process
  • One 4x3 Flat Frame with Graphic
  • End Caps
  • Backlit Light Kit
  • 121.5" W x 88" H Unprinted Fabric Backcover
  • Fits 10' x 10' Space
VBurst 8ft Kit Flat BACKLIT 10ft x 10ft space Available Option - Hand Held Fabric Steamer helps remove wrinkles from a stored backlit display graphic - $116
For best results
Store your display set-up, pack only to transport and then steam after display is set-up. VBURST fast sets up fast VBURST black hard shipping case - can be converted to a graphic counter VBURST black nylon carry bag